New York City and Long Island; Denver

Nick & I took a TripperBus from D.C. to NYC.  It was only $16.50 for two ticket… less than you’d pay in tolls!  We went up for Nick’s roommate from Boston – Dan’s – wedding.  It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony on the water overlooking the city at night. I didn’t bring a camera (or good walking shoes) so we will have to wait until photos appear on Facebook.

Saturday, July 6th: Walking NYC (And the Benefits of Public Transportation)
We went to Dan and Nuri’s post-wedding brunch.  It was nice to be able to really meet and speak with the infamous “Dan & Nancy” duo I had heard so much about.  I am pretty sure Nick spent some of the best years of his life in Boston with those two (he can fact check this later!)

_MG_6897 From Dan’s parents’ apartment, which is beautiful & near Times Square, we walked to Central Park.  I didn’t have a thermometer with me but I’d estimate it was about 190 degrees with the humidity, pavement and buses blanketing us with exhaust.  We sought refuge in a water fountain playground, where I made friends with the children of New York.

We finally made it to Central Park.  We saw a free performance of Shakespeare’s Richard III by a local theatre group. Once we had to energy to walk again, we strolled around the pond and through the amazing trails. We eventually headed back to Times Square to grab our packs and take a train to Long Island.

Sunday, July 7thAll I Ever Wanted was the Atlantic OceanIMG_4811
We spent almost the entire day Sunday with my cousin Jen & her fiance, Rick, at the glorious beach. It was amazing and I don’t have much more to say other than I should have worn more sunblock.

I didn’t bring my nice camera because of the sand, but I probably should have.  After the beach, we went to my Aunt Susan’s house for dinner and fabulous homemade sangria.  It was a pretty amazing day because we only did two things – read & eat.

Monday, July 8th: Huntington Village_MG_6972 (I was trying to save some of my nicer photography for my personal blog but I also really like this photo.)  After walking some errands and visiting my grandparents’ grave, we went to Downtown Huntington, which is the best downtown on Long Island. We spent much of our time reading books and drinking tea at the local book store, Book Revue (they have great chai). We also sampled olive oil and vinegar from the Crushed Olive.  Santa Fe has a store with the same concept, so I thought this wouldn’t be exciting, but they had so many different flavors and they were all amazing.

My Aunt Susan brought us back to Jen & Rick’s apartment, where I said goodbye to her until October.

We spent the rest of the evening hanging out, playing music, cooking and having a good time with family.

Tuesday, June 9th: Our last night in a real bed
We flew back to Denver & quickly hit the road to see my cousin McKenzie and her fiance Andrew.  We had happy hour at a vegetarian/vegan restaurant.   My drink of choice was the carrot coconut soup.  We only got to see them for an hour because we had plans to see Star Trek II at Marianne & Steven’s movie theatre.

This morning, as we prepare for our departure, I am realizing the things I am going to miss on this trip – family, most importantly – but also the ability to get out of bed in the middle of the night and use the bathroom.


Virginia and Washington, D.C.

We flew into Washington D.C. on Tuesday, July 2 and left Friday, July 5th.  Here’s a photo journal of our time spent in D.C. and Virginia.

Wednesday, July 3rd: Washington, D.C_MG_6748
We went to D.C. with the intention of seeing monuments and museums.  However, we didn’t know the Smithsonian Folklife Festival would be taking place.  It was amazing! Pictured above is a traditional Hungarian folk dance.  We also saw throat singing and African drum circles.

One of the best things D.C. has to offer is many free museums in one condensed spot. We first went to the National Museum of American History, where we saw the original Star-Spangled Banner & a huge in-depth exhibit on American war history.  Then, we headed to the National Museum of Natural History.  We must have spent over an hour in the gem exhibit, then quickly went to the mummy & insect exhibit.  It would take days to see just those two museums.

_MG_6767Tired & hungry, we headed back to the Metro station.  However, the day didn’t end there…

Tequila shots transformed a family dinner into a neighborhood tractor race (my dad won) and a midnight swim in the neighbor’s pool (thank you, Jessica!).

Thursday, July 4th: Boating on the Potomac River
Per my request, we had a quiet July 4th on the Potomac River.  After a morning of food preparation, we headed out to Leesylvania State Park.

My Uncle Bobby & Aunt Linda boated in from the Maryland side of the river to meet us.  We anchored & spent the rest of the day swimming, eating and drinking.  Nick & I swam to shore and back, which was about a half mile.

We only saw a few fireworks that night.  My best friend, Heather, stopped by to meet Nick and say hi.  My Aunt Ellen and Uncle Bob also visited.  We heard stories of their time spent in Alaska.

We spent too little time in Virginia. I wish we could have been on the boat for a week! We are officially on the road today, so we will have limited or no internet access.  I hope to make a few more blog posts before we leave the country.